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Getting Started

After we get in touch I will send a design questionnaire to help get a better idea of the project scope.  The ideas should be established before beginning. We will do a one on one consultation via email or video chat.  Once the project requirements are set, an agreement is signed requiring a 50% deposit, and then the fun begins.


Pre-Design & Pre-Development

The design process is a fun and creative one. It is encouraged to have examples of websites, colors, fonts and any design details.  Depending on the project I can create a visual mood board, featuring images, type options, colors and details to give an overall feel. For website projects I create a wire frame, which is simple view of how your site will function and flow before any creative elements are added.


Design & Development

From the information gathered during the pre – design and pre – development phase the initial concepts will be developed and submitted for review and feedback.  After review and discussion final design and development will be completed.


Management & Expansion

The site is developed for easy client maintenance and content updates.  We are also happy to provide these services for you.  When your business grows and your website & design need to grow as well Maleka Designs will be always ready to help with that expansion.

*Additional fees will incur if your design preferences change drastically after the initial design preference submission.

*Above is a brief outline of the process for creating a website, do not hesitate to contact Maleka Designs for more details about the process.

Website Design & Development Clients

Graphic Design Clients

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