candles by MAL

Candles by Mal
Rose & Musk

Spring 2024

I have always loved roses, my Mom has had a rose gardens since I was little and the scents are intoxicating. My first scent combines rose with a musky more smokey masculine scent. I just love the elegance of the rose combined with the more woodsy scent.

My Candle Making Journey

It all began when I tried to make candles using beeswax harvested with my mom, a dedicated beekeeper. Unfortunately, our first attempt resulted in a tray of black brood and very little wax. Undeterred, I purchased beeswax from my Mom’s bee supplier and embarked on my candle-making journey.

Candles by MAL
The Wax

What makes candles by MAL so special

I adore beeswax candles, but I wanted to introduce additional scents into my candles. To achieve this, I began blending soy wax with beeswax, striving to strike a perfect balance that would allow for a strong scent throw while preserving the benefits and beauty of burning beeswax candles. These candles have the unique ability to pull toxins from the air and are virtually soot-free. I use an all-natural soy wax sourced from US-grown soybeans to complement the beeswax..

The Vessels

What makes candles by MAL so special

All my vessels are reused. I find them at the local thrift stores, the landfil Mercantile, ReStore and a lot are from my Moms tea tins (she is a big tea drinker).

Candles by MAL