Let me maintain your site to industry standards in security and maintenance while you do what you do best!

Maintaining your website is comparable to having regular oil changes on your car.  It costs more to fix a site then to maintain a site.

no long term contract. cancel anytime

a bit more about these updates....

  • 1 Confirm Website Backups – backing up your site to your host and Amazon AWS
  • 2 Visual Check – to make sure nothing looks funky on your site.
  • 3 Link Check – no one likes a broken link. We make sure those are few and far between or non existent on your site.
  • 4 WordPress Updates – Every WordPress site gets 2-5 security updates per month. All of these are mission critical.
  • 5 Plugin Updates – These can make your site better or break your site all together. When possible we do all updates on a staging site, so the live site will not be affected.
  • 6 Theme Updates – See Plugin Updates. Same for Theme Updates!
  • 7 Contact Form Checks – You will get an email from me or one of my time where we are testing your form. Simply reply to that email and we will know your form is working.
  • 8 Content Updates – You can use the time for anything you want. Ask questions, add items to your site, switch out items and photos, rewrite sections, and add things such as new projects. (These don’t roll over, but you get them every single month!

frequently asked questions...