Client: Corvus Janitorial
Launch Date: March 2021
Platform: WordPress integration with Sugar Marketing

This particular project was quite a personal and professional journey for me , as not only was it my biggest project to date, but it also was my first opportunity to work with a large corporation with a national footprint in the commercial cleaning industry, with franchises though out the United States. I had reservations initially about taking on such a large project, but I am so glad I overcame my fear and took on the project as it ended up being one of my favorites. So rewarding to complete such a large scale project  and I had so much fun doing it, learning a lot along the way about coordinating and communicating with a large team to bring all the loose ends together and keep the communication flowing! A big thank you to the Corvus team for having faith in me, and for all the help along the way! I continue to be part of the team. We have weekly meetings and are constantly growing their web presence.