Day 5 – Necker Island

Everyone was a bit worn out by all the previous days activities and the LATE night Pirate Party.

Chandra and I sailed over to Mosquito Island for breakfast, someone sails with us, otherwise we would most likely still be sailing. We did some great snorkeling over there.





There are 3 different kinds of Lemurs at Necker.  Richard is trying to save some of the most endangered lemurs from extinction. read more


Chandra the Master Mixologist – By the time we got back we went swimming and then lunch time!


Lunch awaits us!

Chandra and I sailed, again with Chris to Saber Island chugged Bush Wackers and then headed back for an intense tennis match. Followed by a Japanese Night in which we all wore Kimonos at the Tennis Pavilion.



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  1. Kelly Ann on November 17, 2012 at 12:01 pm

    Looks like the most amazing time ever! How do I get an invite next time???? Love you and miss you!!!

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