Roma – Day 11

There are fountains and there are other fountains……but there is nothing like Rome’s Trevi Fountain. The Trevi sits in a tiny piazza and commands an enormous presence. The base of the fountain is natural stone forms and then in a convergence of water and stone, enormous horses and figures jettison out of the rock with incredible strength power and beauty!!!!! Bellissimo!!!!! It is a visual masterpiece in every dimension.
We crossed the Tivere River and had lunch at a charming Trattoria called Gli Amici. The restaurant is part of the Community of Sant Egidio which is a group that has pledged to spread peace in this world thru friendship. Many of the restaurant staff have handicaps and thus are paired with a ” friend” who helps them manage their work. Our meal was delicious, the service excellent, and it warmed our hearts seeing Christ’s message of peace which is artistically expressed in the thousands of artistic images everywhere in Roma, here in this little piazza, being practiced in real life. If you are interested in learning more about this community their web site is Ciao Maleka


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