Roma – Day 14

Today was the final day of our Italian Tour.
We ended the visit with another visual and historical tour of great opulence: the Borghese Gallery. The assemblage of artworks in this museum was collected by the powerful and wealthy Cardinal Scipione (in the early 1600’s) who was a fanatic about adding masterpieces to his collection. History recounts that he often used very ” unholy” and illegal means in his attempt to amass this art collection. As a result, some of the world’s greatest treasures are housed here. Among my favorites are the sculptures of Bernini : Apollo & Dafne, Pluto & Proserpina; and the paintings of Caravaggio : Madonna de Palafrenieri & Boy with Basket of Fruit. These works are all breathtaking. The Gallery is surrounded by beautiful gardens which afforded us a pleasant stroll as we said our good-byes to Italy.
We decided to console ourselves with one last gelato……….

We thank you for following our journey………Un Abbraccio, a hug, e Ciao Ciao,

Anahid and Maleka


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