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Palermo Sicily

Monumentale Chiesa Dell'Immacolatao ConcezionePalais ZisaPalermoPalermoOct-17-Palermo (9)Oct-17-Palermo-(8)-croppedpalermo-marketDO
Cattedrale di Monreale – MUST SEE
Piazza Guglielmo II, 1, 90046 Monreale PA, Italy
We had a friend drive us, it is about an hour by bus outside of Palermo

Palazzo dei Normanni & Capella Palatina
Piazza Indipendenza, Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Monumentale Chiesa Dell’Immacolatao Concezione – on same street as market, beautiful small church limited hours
Via Porta Carini, 38, Palermo PA, Italy

Ferro di Cavallo – family owned and run since 1944, went here with locals
*complimentary wine while queuing to be seated
P.zza Venezia, 20, Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Elisa Messina┬áCeramiche – beautiful ceramics studio in Monreale
Via Ludovico Torres 36
Monreale, Palermo

Capri | Day Trip from Positano

Capri-ItalyCapri-ItalyCapriCapri-ItalyBlute Grotto -CapriBlue Grotto - Capri

Be prepared for a touristy experience that is absolutely worth it. There is a lot of travel for a short visit in the grotto, but just sit back and enjoy the beautiful ride. First you take a nice ride on a jet ferry in to Capri. We went mid day and I recommend grabbing a bite in the marina. Then you take a launch to the grotto (you will see signs for the launch when you get off the jet ferry). Once you get to the Blue Grotto you have to wait your turn to get into the tiny row boat. Once in the rowboat (which can be an adventure in itself) you have to duck all the way to the bottom of the rowboat to get into the grotto. It is breathtaking, you have to see it to believe it. Tip your rowboat driver before you go in so he will serenade you and not bug you about tipping.

Take the jet boat from Positano to Capri

Take a launch service from Capri to Blue Grotto – you will see signs for Blue Grotto when you get off the jet boat

Transfer into a small row boat to go into the Blue Grotto – the same launch waits to take you back to Capri

Praiano Positano

PraianoPraianoPraianoPraiano - PositanoPraianoHighlight of the trip to Positano. Take a water taxi from Positano beach. Lunch is delicious, the chef is adorable. The specials consist of local fair that from the ladies in this tiny town. After lunch enjoy vino and the most delicious olives while soaking in the Mediterranean. Service is amazing, music is fun, be sure to talk to the owner.

One Fire – 30 euro, 15 min water taxi ride from Positano beach
Open May – October
Piccoletto – Owner
Praiano, Italy

Ravello & Almalfi | Day Trip from Positano


Almalfi is very busy, while waiting for bus up to Ravello or ferry back to Positano it is worth going into the a Almalfi Cathedral and having a cappuccino and homemade sugar coated lemon candy at Pasticceria Pansa. That is all the time needed in Amalfi.

Take ferry from Positano beach to Almalfi

Take Sita public bus or take the open air site seeing bus from Almalfi to Ravello. About a 25 minute drive


Villa Rufolo – gorgeous gardens overlooking the sea

Cumpa Cosimo – filled with Italian families
Via Roma, 44
Ravello, Italy

Ceramiche and Factory Cosmolena
Via dei Rufolo, 20
Ravello, Italy
Gorgeous ceramics, be sure to visit downstairs showroom

Bric a Brac enoteca
Piazza Duoma, 16
Ravello, Italy
Great priced linen scarfs made in Ravello


Pasticceria Pansa
Piazza Duoma
Amalfi, Italy

Amalfi Cathedral
Piazza Duoma
Amalfi, Italy

Positano | Day 5 – 10

PositanoVilla Donatella PositanoVilla-Donatello-terraceVilla Donatello PositanoVilla Donatello PositanoIl Fornillo PositanoPositanoCasa e BottegaSiranuse - PositanoPositano
Via Villas of Itay
Villa Donatello
Incredibly roomy older home, eclectic furnishings conveniently perched above Positano, multiple dramatic terraces!
Same owners also have a smaller unit next door
Roseanna, the house keeper is fabulous, love this place

Il Fornillo – steps down from villa
Via Pasitea
Positsno, Italy
39 089 811954

Next2 – same owners as casa e bottega
Viale Pasitea, 242
Positano, Italy
39 089 813 3516

Le Sirenuse
Via Crostoforo Colombo, 30
Positano, Italy
39 089 87 50 66

Hotel Villa Gabrisa – no wifi, amazing views, steps from villa
Via Pasitea, 223
Positano, Italy

Casa e Bottega – chic and healthy cafe with wifi, not to be missed
Via Pasitea, 100
Fanny – owner

Caffe Positano – stunning views for an evening vino
Via Pasitea, 168

Pompei – Day 5

We arranged for a car service to Positano. The driver, Luigi set up a tour of Pompei. He can also arrange day trips to nearby beach towns.

Luigi De Martino

Roma – Day One

Rome Apartment

Rome ApartmentCasa bottegapiazza Navona

Piazza Navona
It’s been 3 years since I have been in Rome. I am traveling with my parents, aunt and uncle. This is a touristy area, go to dinner after 9:00 to get a more authentic Italian experience.

Via Arco Pace Silver – off Piazza Navona
Via Arco Pace #15
Rome, Italy
3 bedroom/ 3 bath

Ristorante Grano – near Pantheon
Piazza Rondonini, 53
tel + 39 06 68192096

Caffe Propoganda – near Collesium
Via Claudia, 15
Roma, Italy

Casa & Bottega – 1 block from apartment
Via Dei Coronari, 183
Roma, Italy

Borguese Gallery – need to buy tickets 2 weeks in advance
Piazzale del Museo Borguese, 5

Roma – Day 14

Today was the final day of our Italian Tour.
We ended the visit with another visual and historical tour of great opulence: the Borghese Gallery. The assemblage of artworks in this museum was collected by the powerful and wealthy Cardinal Scipione (in the early 1600’s) who was a fanatic about adding masterpieces to his collection. History recounts that he often used very ” unholy” and illegal means in his attempt to amass this art collection. As a result, some of the world’s greatest treasures are housed here. Among my favorites are the sculptures of Bernini : Apollo & Dafne, Pluto & Proserpina; and the paintings of Caravaggio : Madonna de Palafrenieri & Boy with Basket of Fruit. These works are all breathtaking. The Gallery is surrounded by beautiful gardens which afforded us a pleasant stroll as we said our good-byes to Italy.
We decided to console ourselves with one last gelato……….

We thank you for following our journey………Un Abbraccio, a hug, e Ciao Ciao,

Anahid and Maleka