Puglia, Monopoli

Its that time of the year again. Fall off season,  which translates to: travel time.  First stop is Don Ferrante Hotel perched on the rocks above the Adriatic Sea.  The tiny city of Monopoli is the heal of Italy’s boot is comprised of narrow white stone streets, large rock stone pavers, white ceramic pots laden with succulents, castles, cathedrals and the beautiful blue sea.

Don Ferrante, Puglia

Don Ferrante


Don Ferrante, Puglia

Don Ferrrante Puglia

Don Ferrante Breakfast

Don Ferrante, Puglia

Monopoli, Puglia




Don Ferrante
This tiny boutique hotel is beautiful and has the most stunning views of the Adriatic Sea. The staff is exceptionaly friendly and accomindating. The rooms are elegant down to the Frette ironed sheets. The breakfast is wonderful, try to get a table in the window perched above the sea. Persecco on the roof top terrace is a must. I loved everything about Don Ferante.


When in Monopoli eat the seafood. Throughout the day fishing boats come and go with the daily catch. You can watch the locals catch octopus with their hands.
Puglia has many wines to offer and at incredibly reasonable prices. My preference is Primotivo.
You will want to make reservations for dinner.
Puglia is known for its appetizers. Many times they will just be sent out without ordering them. Often times we found ourselves full before the main courses had arrived.

il Guazzetto
Via Dell’Erba 39/41
Monopoli | 080 4107175
Local, very authentic.