Website looks GREAT

Wanted to share with you that I have already received several comments, from outside Resolute, that our website looks GREAT!   

I’ve actually asked a few folks to also visit our website to see what they think, a couple of Owners, a couple of developers and a couple of Architects.  

Thanks to you for doing a great job and being patient with me and our team.

-Randy Grubb – CEO of RESOLUTE Building Company


Hi Maleka,

Thank you so much for understanding our sense of urgency. You’ve been fantastic through all 30ish emails I’ve sent you in the last 4 days. Your great work has not been overlooked.


Liz Gilliam, PMP

Sr. Implementation Specialist | Client Services | Intuit Health

Too busy for vacation – due to website

I received this email today.

“I am so busy I don’t think I can go to Mexico . What do they say . Be careful what you wish for . I put a lot down to your hard work developing the the site so many many thanks for creating a situation that i cant go on vacation . whatttttt. No Mal thank you so much” – Nev owner of Arka Abode Blinds Aspen

From RESOLUTE Building Company President

“Big compliment to you on our web site. Crate and Barrel flew in to talk to us about doing a store in South Point. They told us about how they selected us for consideration. One factor was that they look at websites during the selection process. In particular to see if we match up with regards to the type of projects we do. We asked them what they thought of the website and they liked it very much. They say a lot of contractors just post websites as a “requirement” but thought ours was well thought out and professional. It helped us to at least get to talk to crate and barrel. ” – Kim Vrana, RESOLUTE Building Company President