St Tropez Area – July 2024



Bella Visto

Charming restaurant in the quaint town of Gassin overlooking St Tropez. This is a family run restaurant and every detail is paid attention to. The terrace overlooks the bay of St Tropez. The menu is beautiful and ever changing. The produce all comes from their garden. They have a tiny hotel which looks wonderful.
Place des Barrys, 83580 Gassin | 04 94 56 17 30

Gigaro Beach


Pépé is a great setting, right on the beach. It is the beach club of the beautiful Lilly of the Valley Hotel, which is located up in the hills above. Pépé is the more casual/outside pizza place and Brigattine is next door and a bit more fancy. Great spot to take a dip before or after your meal, they have a kids menu and or a great spot to come for a cocktail.

Gigaro Beach, 83420 La Croix-Valmer

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A year ago the enchanting coastal town of Lerici Italy completely captured our hearts. Last year we found a beautiful villa perched above the Callita Cove. Though it was only available for six days, we decided to plan our entire European adventure around those precious days. The experience was so unforgettable that we couldn't resist returning this year and extending our stay to two glorious weeks. To our delight, Lerici was even more magical the second time around.

Below are just a few of my favorite spots. We have found that touristy spots don't really exist in this area. The people who live and work in town go to all the same spots as the tourists go to. So just wander around, explore. Lerici is a place where every street, cove, and hilltop has something beautiful to offer. Don't be afraid to get lost; some of our most memorable moments came from spontaneous discoveries


Nice Dinner Spot


This is our go to dinner spot! It is located in the main square at the bottom of the steps from our house. The menu is all seafood. They have a beautiful covered patio, the decor is very simple and elegant.
Opens at 7:30
Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 1, 19032 Lerici SP

Unreal View Tucked into the rocks above the sea (also a beach club, see below)

Ristorante Ciccilo Mare

Sad it took us 2 trips to find this gem. This was where we went for Charlottes special birthday dinner. It is tucked away under the castle and the only way to get to it (besides by boat) is through a tunnel under the castle. Then you come out to this big cove with a restaurant tucked into the rocks. It is a no frills restaurant all outside but the views and setting couldn't be more gorgeous. We came for dinner, but also a great location for lunch or drinks. It is a great place to swim, there is a public beach and beach chairs that can be rented here too. 
Calata Giuseppe Mazzini, Snc, 19032 Lerici SP

Best for lunch and coffee

1918 Mare - Beach Restaurant

This is the daytime/ lunch version of the main 1918 restaurant that we love so much. It is located right in the middle of the main stretch of beach in Lerici. It is a very cute all outside structure that is right on the water. Come here for just a coffee and pastry or for lunch. We love it here. 
Via S. Biaggini 5, 19032, Lerici Italy

Drink & Cappuccinos

Cappuccino with a view

Bar Il Pontile

I usually end up here at least once a day. It is no frills, the view can't be beat. You sit outside right on the pier in the marina. A cappucino and fresh squeezed orange juice is 5 euros.

Cappuccino and a quiche

Enoteca F Baroni

We first came here after church because everyone from church was here (including the priest). Great spot for a cappuccino and a quiche (torta). Don't sit down at a table. You need to ask and then they will seat you. They have a small cute grocery and wine shop next door.
Via Cavour, 18, 19032 Lerici SP


Bar Doria

This hotel bar is about half way down the hill into Lerici. It has a beautiful balcony. The restaurant and bar are owned by the same group as 1918. A great place for a quiet drink and aperitivo.
Via Carpanini, 9, 19032 Lerici SP


Frutti Di Mare

There are 3 tiny bars towards the end of the pier. All are fabulous. They are old shipping containers for the bar and all seating is outside. The first one Frutti Di Mare is an oyster bar, hands down the best oysters I have had. Just served with lemon and shucked as you order them. The owner is one of the 2 singers at church. The middle one is always packed.  the bar people sit on the stairs and anyplace possible. There is usually live music. Good time to go any


Most shops close in this area from 1:00 to 3:30

Clothing Store

MP Lerici

This is a higher end shop, all made in Italy. The displays look a bit older, but if you take the time there are some gems. 
P.zza C Battisti,8 Lerici

ceramic store & studio

Vale Raku

Such a cute find. The artist is the shop keeper and her studio is in the shop. She makes a lot of jewelry (I bought a ring and earrings for Erica)
Via Cavour, 28 19032 LERICI - SP

Saturday Market

We love the Saturday market along the beach boardwalk in Lerici. It goes until about 1:00. There are so many gems, ceramics, cashmere, linen.

To Do

There are a lot of signs up around the town for events. There was a beautiful opera concert in the town square.

Yoga by the Sea

Hard to beat this view for a yoga class, located at the end of the boardwalk in Lerici at the boat club. It is a lovely Hatha (very chill class). All in Italian. You will need to whats app Valentia before to sign up and she will bring a yoga mat for you. Look for signs and flyers in town to get more information about the class.
39 339 2934716 - Valentina

Beach Club & Restaurant (see above)

Ciccillo Mare Beach Club

We were on our way to Tellaro but the bus never came, so we headed to Ciccilo. We rented beach chairs and umbrellas and had the best time. The restaurant is right above the beach club so it is easy and fun to get snacks. Before you find a chair you need to pay for it and the lifeguard will show you a spot. Total family run operation.

Beach Club & Snackbar

Stabilimento Balneare Colombo srl

This is one of the bigger beach clubs. It is closer to Santerenzo, but very walkable. The beach is all little pebbles so bring flipflops. Once in the water the beach is beautiful and sandy. There are 2 floating trampolines that the kids absolutely loved. If you are without kids, I recommend renting chairs on the pier. Call ahead of time, because a lot of the chairs are reserved for the season. They have a great casual snack bar for lunch. The do have a fancier restaurant, which we didn't try.
Via S. Biaggini, 2, 19032 Lerici SP, Italy

Day Trips

Linea02 - Cinque Terre

Travel by Ferry

The ferry pick up and drop off is right in the Golfo Dei Poeti (the square at the bottom of our hill). It is super easy and an excellent way to see the towns around here and of course fun to be on the water. The boat leaves pretty much every hour and your ticket is for the whole day. You can make as many stops as you want, the ticket is for the day and is 41 euros.

Our Favorite Town to visit by ferry

Porto Venere

This is the closest town by ferry to Lerici. It and it is the only town we went to by ferry last year we then took a boat taxi to an island for lunch (see below). This trip we went to  a few of the Cinque Terre towns and this is our favorite. It is not considered one of the 5 towns of Cinque Terre, so it is less visited. Although don't be fooled it is still busy.

The church of S. Pietro (6th century) is perched up high on the cliffs. When passing by boat (continuing on the Cinque Terre the boat makes a 90 degree turn.

Restaurant on Palmaria Island

Locanda Lorena

Great spot for lunch. Make a reservation and a water taxi picks you up from Porto Venere. This was the perfect lunch destination for our first visit here. It is fun to have something to keep you accountable. When the ferry dropped us off we knew we had to be back at the docks at a certain time for our water taxi to pick us up. Plan to have  along lunch here.
Via Cavour, 4, 19025 Porto Venere SP
0187 792370

Special Occasion Lunch

Torre Di Venere

This is a beautiful experience. The restaurant is all outside and tucked into the walls of the castle overlooking the canal. We loved everything about the meal, the staff was lovely, the people watching fabulous (all very well dressed Italian families), the setting was unbeatable and the food as great. This would be afabulous place to go for a drink. With just 2 people you can sit above the restaurant and the view there is incredible. We didn't have a reservation, but I would recommend one.
19025 Porto Venere, Province of La Spezia

Bus & Train


This is a great day trip. We took the bus to Sarzana and then it was an easy 1 hour train to Pisa. We were planning to take a taxi to the Leaning Tower, but the taxi line was very long and no taxis were coming so we took a bus. It is not far (bus line +1), you can scan your credit card when you get on the bus for a ticket. There is a good cafe right where the bus drops you called Po'stò. I was so impressed by the tower and Piazza Del Duomo. The photos of the tower and surrounding areas do not do it justice. It is also way more leaning then you expect it to be. We did not go up the tower or into the cathedral or baptismal, you should purchase tickets before hand, they are timed tickets. We then walked through the botanical gardens and then back through the town to the train station. It is an easy walk about 30 minutes. The river is very pretty looks like a mini Florence. The city if very clean, we were surprised on the walk back we thought we would find more cute cafes along the street but it was pretty quiet. 



This really doesn't have to be a day trip, because it is less then a 10 minute bus ride, but it is so cute I think you will want to stay for a day. We took the Tellaro (the bus schedule is more reliable on weekdays) bus over and you get off one stop before Tellaro and then walk down the stairs. You can rent beach chairs, but there are not many and were all booked. We found a nice spot on the beach, you can walk up to the snack bar at the hotel for cappucinos. The hotel has a beautiful restaurant looking over the next cove over. We celebrated Erica's birthday lunch here. Hands down it was the best pesto I have had the whole trip. The beach below the restaurant is also really pretty.
Locanda Il Senatore - Beautiful Restaurant



We love Tellaro, just a 10 minute bus ride from our house. It is the last stop on this section of the coast. It is a tiny picturesque town with some cute restaurants and a fun area to get into the water. Because it is a bit harder to get to and not considered Cinq Terre it does not get tourists like the other towns do. 

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Provence – The Luberon

For my birthday I am keeping with my tradition of heading somewhere new. Although I have been to The Luberon Area in Provence, I had never explored Aix-En-Provence. The old town is so charming. We happend upon the most delicious pizza place.




Le Four Aixois - This pizza place is not to miss. We had lunch here I think the best pizza I had the whole trip. It is very inexpensive, super friendly service and cute no frills decor. They have a would burning pizza oven in the back. The power went out in the whole building and they used the oven for light.
4 Rue Boulegon, 13100 Aix-en-Provence, France


Mana - delicious coffee, I stopped by here twice. They also serve food, which looks pretty yummy, you should make a reservation if you want to eat. 

Shop right next to Mana - There is a really cute tiny home store a few doors down. It sells traditional Provence home goods, soaps, linens, ceramics.....

The old town of Aix-En-Provence is so charming. Plan to spend the day wondering around the streets. There are tons of cute shops, lots of jewelry, linens, and clothing.

***There is a big parking deck in the middle of town (its a bit of bottleneck so prepare to be patient). Bring your parking ticket with you and pay before you get on elevators down to parking deck.


This was my second stay in Bonnieux and I love staying in this charming town. It is located on the side of a hill and the views of Provence are incredible. The first place we stayed in 2020 was my favorite place and I highly recommend it. Check out my post from that trip here.
Townhome in Bonnieux

This trip we stayed here. The home is beautiful, every single detail. The negative for me were the staircase up to the upstairs 2 bedrooms. It is so old and narrow and no real railing that I found you did not want to go upstairs at all. The other downfall is there is no view. Since we knew that there is a view when facing the other direction we missed this.


We were in Bonniux Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and so a lot of places were closed! The Boulengerie was closed the whole time were were there and it is the only breakfast/ coffee spot besides Capelongue. Just wander around and there are charming places to eat everywhere (make sure to make a reservation) and plan ahead if you are there on Sunday and Monday as a lot of places are closed.

Capelongue, a Beaumier hotel

We ate breakfast here every morning! Capelongue is a gorgeous hotel just a short drive above Bonnieux, you could walk. The breakfast is amazing. They serve fresh produce (green figs in September) and jams from their properties. The breakfast is more on the expensive side 35 euros, but a great place to hang out relax and map out your day.

The Capelongue has a few restaurants on site.
CAFÉ CAPELONGUE - is more casual cafe style. We didn't eat here this trip, but looks very cute.
LA BERGERIE - is currently being renovated, but ate here a few years ago. Loved it and looking forward to going back. Everything is cooked on an open fire! Apparently that is one of the reasons for the renovation as it got insanely smokey in the restaurant.
LA BASTIDE- Michelin starred restaurant. I haven't eaten here but imagine it is lovely.

Casa Bonilis - located in the heart of Bonnieux
This was my absolute favorite a few years ago and we came back here for my Birthday dinner (it was closed all the other nights we were in town). It wasn't as good as I remember, but I am thinking it was just a fluke. They didn't have the pesto gnocchi, which I was drooling for. I will for sure give it another chance on my next trip.
4 place Carnot 84480 Bonnieux, France | +33 4 90 71 18 02


Another great town in this area.

L'Antiquaire - This is a gem, I bought the cutest bag made out of old grain sacs. The shop owner makes them!
9 Rue du Grande Pré, 84160 Lourmarin


This post has been September 20th, 2023. Additionally I was in Paris middle of June 2023 and has a few recommendations from that trip.

I love Paris. We were lucky with the weather being mild for February. Dining was all outside with heaters everywhere. Here are some of my favorite spots and recommendations. Find the closest boulangerie and wine shop and go every day! When I travel I like to immerse myself in the culture, my favorite spots are generally very French. If you prefer American conveniences to a more authentic experience then my blog is not for you.

Drinks, Dinner & Snacks

Le Progrès Marais - Always the first stop when in Paris for a coup champagne and the best people watch. Sit outside anytime of the year I like coming late afternoon early evening. But stays packed till all hours of the night. Lots of heaters, so you can sit outside year round.
1 Rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris

Café Charlot - This is my favorite spot at any hour of the day, open from 7:00 am to 2:00pm. Located on happening corner in the Marais the people watching is fabulous. They have delicious food. The tartare saumon/avocat, frites paired with a glass of champagne can't be beat. Try to get a spot outside, they have heaters and blankets in winter.
38 Rue de Bretagne, 75003 Paris, France

Maison Plisson Beaumarchais - Fancy food store
Go here to stock up on food for the week, they have amazing prepared food, meats, produce, yogurts.... The lentil salad with an egg on top is a MUST. They also have a little outdoor kiosk at the Tuileries which is a fun spot to have lunch at.
93 Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris 3ème

Chez Janou - Go to Dinner Spot
I always end up here at least once when in Paris, right around the corner from Le Petit Beau Marchais. I love sitting at the bar.  My favorites are the shrimp tartar and the muscles. Its a must to make a reservation. Menu is all in French.
2 Rue Roger Verlomme, 75003 Paris, France | +33 1 42 72 28 41

Coffee Spots

all located in the Marais

I/O Cafe - some of the best coffee in the Marais. Simple, welcoming and minimalistic interior.
16 Rue Dupetit-Thouars, 75003 Paris, France

Yellow Tucan - Right around the corner form Petit Beaumarchais Hotel. A quaint cozy petit spot tucked away on the cutest side street with great coffee. This is my go to and my current favorite coffee shop!
Opens at 9:30, closed on Mondays.
20 rue des Tournelles, Paris 4ème

Boot Café - Weekend Coffee Spot
Picturesque tiny cafe in the heart of Le Marais. I fell in love with this spot back in 2015 and it remains one of my favorites.
Only open weekends, Sat & Sun 10:00 - 5:00.
19 Rue du Pont aux Choux, 75003 Paris, France

Le Used Book Café - Located in Merci Concept Store
I just love everything about this place. Come here everytime I'm in Paris. The coffee shop is located in the front of store and is lined with floor to ceiling old books. Be sure to walk around the shop, I always find some goodies. This trip I purchased a beret! Also check out The Ciné Café which serves great salads and casual lunch fare. Its located to the left of the store entrance.
111 Bd Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris, France

Merci - I just love everything about this place. Come here everytime I'm in Paris. It's in the Trendy Marais neighborhood too. Have a coffee & cake, & people watch. Inside is a fashion shop & homewares shop all under the one roof! Pretty cool!

Our go to coffee shop this trip. Every cup of coffee is delicious, the whole atmosphere is really cozy and welcoming.
Opens at 9:00 on weekdays and 10:00 on weekends.
54 rue Saintonge, 75 003 Paris


Petit Beaumarchais Hotel - September 2023 was my third stay here!

It is one of the most charming well priced hotels I have ever stayed in. Fabulous location in the Marais, right off Place de la Republique. The Bastile Metro is right there, super easy to jump on a Velib and go straight down to the Seine all on a bike path and just steps away from the heart of the Marais!

This boutique hotel is unique, charming, comfortable and welcoming.

Every room is different, I stayed in a single room on the top floor with a bathtub in the dormer window that had views of the Eiffel Tower (Room 604).

The hotel has a floatatorium (check out the photos for what this is).  With your stay you get a complimentary hour. I scheduled a massage for after my float and the best massage I have ever had. The hotel has a partnership with Institut Calma Paris, which I want to check out on my next stay in Paris.

AIRBNB - charming & cozy apartment
One of the cutest AIRBNBs. Located in the heart of the Marais, we really felt like we lived in Paris when staying here. Our first night we built a fire and enjoyed a bottle of champagne, total perfection. The wife is an artist and husband is a musician.  Her art decorates the apartment, I bought a few prints to bring home. They have 3 kids, so this is a fabulous place to stay with a family.

Play Video

Sweet Inn Apartments - If you are going with kids or a large group I highly recommend staying in an apartment. We had 8 and had a lovely stay at Le Petit Beau Marchais, but it was very expensive and its hard to gather with a big group. In the future with a big group we will use Sweet Inn for an apartment.

Worth Going/ Doing

Velib - I was a bit tentative about biking, but Paris has removed 1 lane from their roads and made it soley dedicated to bikers.  The velib bikes are so easy to rent, its 5 euro for 24 hours. We road down to the Seine, past thriough the Louve and across the Seine to Notre Dame and then across

Jardin Des Jardin Des Tuileries  - If staying in the Marais its a very easy (straight shot) bike ride (Velib) from Place de la Republique. Maison Plisson has a little outdoor café in the park. Great spot to grab lunch and have a picnic.

Les Bains du Marais - Hammam
For those who don't know what a hammam is, its basically a big steam room. They also have a sauna and some rooms to relax in. The waxing is a traditional Middle Eastern wax, made in the spa, its 100% natural and chemical-free. I highly reccomend. They have a restaurant which looked great, but will have to save that for the next trip.
14 Rue Saint-Fiacre, 75002 Paris, France
01 48 87 20 20

Eiffel Tower
It was so quiet, we had the entire park to ourselves. We wandered around, didn't go up to the top, but would have been the day to, as there were no lines. We took few circles around the carosoel that overlooks the Seine and the Eiffel Tower and wandered down to the Seine to get another look.

Carousel of the Eiffel Tower
A few spins on the carousel is a great thing to do with kids. The view of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine is truly magical. Not only does it provide a unique perspective of the city, but it also offers an excellent opportunity for some remarkable photos.
Opens at 10:00

Picasso Museum
When in Paris I always make time for a visit to the Musée Picasso. The museum is the perfect size, its not too daunting. This trip the show was a combo with Rodin. And after go right around the corner for a crepe at Breizh Café.
5 Rue de Thorigny, 75003 Paris, France

Île Saint-Louis
Ride a Velib here, from Le Petit Beaumarchais the whole ride is on a bike path. You will want to leave your bike before you cross the bride, there are no stations on the island. Wonder around, get a glass of champagne at any of the cafes and take in the scenery. It is also fun to ride down here super early in the morning. I did this right at sunrise before I flew out.


Headonisted Store
These beautiful baseball hats are designed and handmade in Normandy and Vendee. The boutique is tiny nesteled into the Marais. Caps run between 150 and 200 euros.
26 Rue de Poitou, 75003 Paris, France

Transportation To/ From Airport

Metro/Train - Traffic is so bad in Paris these days that you need to plan 2 + hours to get to the airport by car. From Le Petite Beau Marchais it takes 1 hour and 5 minutes and costs 11 euros. This is the route from the hotel to the airport.

  1. Take Bastille Metro to Gare Nord Stop (about 5 stops)
  2. Follow signs to Charles de Gaul - It is B Nord (purple signs), this is a really big metro stop so pay close attention to signs.
  3. When you get to B Nord there are different trains on the line, so don’t just get on the first train. Make sure you get on the one going to Charles de Gaul. It is a nice looking train
  4. Depending on which terminal you are going to you to its the last 2 stops
  5. You will take a little tram to the terminal once you get off metro

Welcome Pickups  - If you want to do a car service I highly recommend them. You book this in advance and the driver will be waiting for you with a sign when you get out of customs. This is a really nice option for when you arrive as you are very tiered and then don't have to think about everything. For leaving I would take the metro, otherwise you have to leave so early to take in account traffic.

St Tropez Area – July 2023

I have been fortunate enough to travel back to France September 2023, this is a compilation of recommendations from my June and September trips


As with all restaurants make a reservation (for lunch too). Generally you can call day of and it is ok.

Lunch at the Beach - Gigaro

La Brigantine

You can't beat this setting, located on a lovely deck at Gigaro beach. The beautiful hotel Lilly of the Valley has 2 restaurants on the beach Brigantine and Pepe's. Brigantine is a bit more formal. They have valet parking, as with every place make a reservation. Be sure to order the aperol spritz, the pizza is great with a side of vegtables.
Plage De Gigaro, 83420 La Croix-Valmer France
+33 4 22 73 22 51

Lunch at the Beach -St Tropez

Les Graniers

This is one of my favorites for lunch, I return here every trip. I love the rustic vibe of this place, it is tucked away in a bay facing St Tropez. The setting is super casual, tables are on the sand. The food is great. Finish your lunch witth a dip in the sea.
Plage des Graniers Saint-Tropez
T. 04 94 97 13 43

Lunch at Pampellon Beach

Le Club 55

We had an amazing time celebrating Kate’s 40th at Club 55! The laid back and classy atmosphere really made the experience enjoyable. The live music was fantastic, and it was great that the musicians came around to each table to take requests.

As per usual, don't even think about showing up without a reservation. We shared the muscles and frites and they were great!
+33 4 94 55 55 55
43 Bd Patch, 83350 Ramatuelle, France


Hang at Pool

Château de la Messardière

This is a bit tricky, as you need to be staying at the hotel to come here. The setting is so pretty, I love the drive up to the hotel, it is situated on top of St Tropez and looks over Pampelone and the bay of St Tropez. They have a beautiful spa and boutique. Kate was having a treatment and so I hung out. Be sure to check the prices, as some treatments are way more reasonable then others.
52 Rue Gambetta
83990 Saint-Tropez

Favorite Winery

Domain de La Croix

This is my all time favorite winery in the region. The grapes are located between Domaine de la Reve and the sea. The winery is beautiful and it fun to go and taste their wines. They have 2 roses to choose from.

Saturday & Tuesday Market

St Tropez Market

Held on Tuesday and Saturday. For the Saturday market you need to be there by 9:00 or you will not find parking. There are so many treasures here. One of my favorite things about staying in a home is that you can take advantage of all of the amazing food at the markets. There is a market everyday in a different town. The other one I really like is Ramatuelle. It is on Thursdays and Sundays. None of them are as big as the Saint Tropez market.
Schedule to all of the markets
Place des Lices

Private Beach Club at Pampellon Beach

EPI Baie de Pampelonne

If someone invites you, this is an incredible invitation! I would absolutely say YES! Epi is a private beach club located on the popular Pampellon Beach. Every detail is taken care of from the moment you drive up. We went straight to the beach where umbrellas were set up with adorable pink yeti coolers, and a Stand Up Paddle Board. They have beautiful clay tennis courts, Yoga/ Pilates, two pools and a lovely restaurant. After our morning at the beach we enjoyed a delicious lunch.
+33 4 22 82 19 59
1128 Route de l'Épi, 83350 Ramatuelle, France

Bike Ride

If you are there for a while consider renting bikes. I rode a e-mountain bike to a beach that you can only get to by foot or bike. From the house we rode to Plage Des Brouis. You can only get here by hiking, biking or boat. It is a Naturist beach (nude beach). After the beach we rode up to Ramatuelle and had Aperol Spritz's.

Previous Trips to this area



If you want a more Italian experience/ ambiance you need to go for the later reservation, after 9:00. The 7:00/ 7:30 reservations will be all foreigners. I highly recommend making reservations before hand. We had no trouble making the night before and day of reservations.

Lunch & Dinner - Trastevere Neigborhood

Trattoria de Gli Amici

The Trattotoria is managed by a social cooperative promoted by Saint'Egido Community. Disabled people, professionals and volunteers work here together because best things are made in friendship. We happened upon this restaurant on our trip back in 2014, it is located in a charming Piazza just a tiny bit off the beaten path with a very nice outside area. We immediately fell in love with the mission, the food is great and despite being in a very touristy area/ time only Italians were at the restaurant.
Piazza S Egido 6, Roma - Trastevere
06 5806033

Dinner - Campo Di Fiori neighborhood

PianoStrada laboratorio di cucina

Beautiful. Located just a few blocks from our hotel and just far enough from the touristy craziness to offer a quiet dinner. We walked by and fell in love with the interior. Flowers, candles, plants, dried fruits in beautiful jars cover every inch of the restaurant. The dinner was absolutely delicious. I had a special that was a pasta with seabass, it was beyond. I am drooling as I write this and the bread is amazing.
Via delle Zoccolette, 22, 00186 Roma RM
+39 06 8957 2296

Dinner - Piazza Navaona area

Ristorante Santa Lucia

Beautiful terraced deck a few blocks from Piazza Navona. Great food and love the ambiance.
Largo Febo, 12, 00186 Roma RM
+39 06 6880 2427

Lunch - Between Pantheon & Piazza Navona

Ginger Sapori e Salute

Great stop, in the middle of everything. Very nice salads if you need a change of pace from pizza and pasta. Very pretty modern interior.
St. Eustachio Square, 54-55, Centro Storico

Coffee & Breakfast - Piazza Navona Neigborhhod

Casa & Bottega

This was our morning hangout when we came back in 2014. Love this place, great for a coffee and pastry and to regroup when you are in the city center.

Casual Lunch & Dinner - Tastevere Neighborhood

Ai Marmi

Next time!!!! We didn't make it, but have heard its delicious pizza! Will just have to come back.
Viale di Trastevere, 53-59, 00153 Roma RM


Italian womens boutique

Nina Loca

Beautiful Italian clothing, great price point, a lot of linen and leatther. I scored here, leather jacket, 2 tops, a skirt and leather belt! Located near Campo DiFiori on a very touristy street, but this was a great find!
Via dei Giubbonari, 67, 00186 Roma RM


Fabindia Roma

Walked by this boutique on our first afternoon in Rome and returned a few times to purchase several small pouches for organizing/ traveling. All the products are designed in Italy and then printed and assembled in India. These make great gifts!
Via del Banco di Santo Spirito, 40, 00186 Roma RM


Nice hotel - great price

Piazza Farnese Luxury Suites

I ended up really liking this hotel and the location (I wasn't sure at first). It is right off of Campi DiFiore which isn't my favorite Piazza, but ended up finding some really cute spots in this neighborhood. My room number was 102 and had been recently renovated, I would stay in this room again. My parents stayed on the piazza side and it was loud. The staff is super welcoming and helpful. I didn't love the lobby area, but plenty of cute places to hang out close by. Just a tip before checking in ask for your room to not have the cleaning scent sprayed (it is very strong).
Piazza Farnese 101, 00186 Roma, Italia

Notes For Next Time

If staying at Farnese, check out Via del Pellegrino for cute cafés and shops.

Antica Latteria Roma - right next to our hotel, cute little wine bar. It was closed the first few nights we were there and so we didn't discover it until our last night in Rome.
Vicolo del Gallo, 4, 00186 Roma RM

In 2014 we stayed on a quiet street off of Via Del Paca. It was an AIRBNB, I really liked this area and would recommend staying there if you can find a nice place.


June 2023 - Trip 1 
June 2024 - Trip 2

My first time was in June 2023. I came with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and their 3 kids (aged 8, 11 and 12). We stayed at Opera 35, this hotel was a perfect fit for us traveling with the kids because it has roomy apartments with kitchenettes. During our stay, we explored some of the city’s iconic landmarks such as the Mole Antonelliana, the Egyptian Museum and the Fiat Musuem. We used scooters to get around.

My second trip was in June 2024. I came for the WordCamp Europe Conference. It was up at Lingatto, which was the old Fiat Factory that has been transformed into a conference center. On my second visit I stayed at NH Collection Piazza Carolina, I fell in love with this hotel. It is in the center of the city and as a single traveller couldn't have been more perfect.

One of the highlights of my second visit was connecting with my friend Elisa, who I had met through mutual friends. Elisa, a Torino local, became my personal tour guide. Together, we wandered through the charming streets of Torino, stopping frequently for bicérins—the city’s famous chocolate and coffee drink, indulging in aperitivos at quaint local spots and enjoying lots of yummy meals.

EAT & Drink

Natural Wine Bar


Located opposite Magazinno 52, great to go here before dinner. It is Natural wine bar and they have good cocktails and good small plates.
Via della Rocca 17, 10123 - Torinno


Magazzino 52

Best meal I have had in Torrino (so far). More contemporary vibe (menu and interior). It is a small menu, a choice between 2 anitpastas, 2 primi (pasta), 2 secondi (meat & fish), 2 desserts/ cheese. The menu is market based, so always changing. I picked 2 plates and cheese for dessert and it was perfect. Exceptional wine list. It is a tiny restaurant. You will need a reservation. I went again here on my first night in town and it was better then I remembered. I stick with what I said, this is the best restaurant in Torino.
Via Giolitti, 52/A 10123 - Torinno
Tel. +39 011.4271938


Casa Fiori

You can see this charming restaurant from our hotel balcony. The street side seating is  covered in vines, flowers and beautiful twinkling lights making a very magical ambiabce. We are not the only ones who like this restaurant. Djokovich, Ronaldo Rublev all are big fans, it draws a very stylish crowd. I recommend the shrimp to start and the lobster pasta. The service was fabulous. You will want to make a reservation.
Via della Rocca 41/39 10123 - Torinno
Tel. +39 011 1858 4146


Del Cambio

Del Cambio is a beautiful, very historical restaurant established in 1757. It is located in the in a very pretty Piazza Carignano. It's one of the few restaurants in Italy that looks palatial and is in many ways more reminiscent of France than Italy. It is very formal, most men all had jackets, the service is incredible. They have one Michelin star, the room is gorgeous (you must sit in the classic "Risorgimento" room).
Piazza Carignano, 2, 10123 Torino TO
Tel. +39 011 546690

CAFE - great all hours casual hangout


Open at all hours this is one of our neighborhood hangouts. It is located in Piazza Teresa. They have a really charming outside area in the piazza (beware of the pigeons). They serve small sandwiches, pastries and apereitivo with wine which turino is famous for. Our last night we did aperitivos and it was perfect.
Via della Rocca, 19, 10123 Torino TO

CAFE - very beautiful old world

Baratti & Milano

Opened in 1875 this chocolate shop and now cafe was a favorite of the Savoys. For us this was a go to lunch stop for a cappucino, orange juice and a small sandwich ( my favorite as the asparagus and egg) and of course a chocolate or two. This was one of our stops on the chocolate tour.
Piazza Castello 29 - Torino

Aperitivo on the River

Vermoutheria Peliti's

This place is fabulous! Elisa and I came for an aperitivo before headed to a party next door for my conference. You are drawn here because of the location right on the Po river. The inside is equally as charming. It is in an old cave, the ceiling is all stone and super high and they have bottles stacked.  


Royal Palace & Gardens

LaVenaria Reale

This is a must, so beautiful, fun to get outside the city and we had the whole place to ourselves. It was one of the residences of the Royal House of Savoy. We brought picnic lunches, but there is a cute/ simple cafe in the Palace that has a terrace overlooking the gardens. The audio tour is good, and buy a ticket that allows you into all the exhibits. It is about a 35 minute taxi ride outside of Turino.
Piazza della Repubblica, 4, 10078 Venaria Reale TO

AIRBNB Experiences

Turin Sweet & Chocolate Tour

Erica booked this through AIRBNB experiences and it was great. Our guide Christina was fun, knowledgable. Our first stop was at at A Giordano where the shop keeper gave us a very animated (all in Italian) history of the Gianduja (hazzlenut paste) and a lot of samples. To this day all the chocolate is made and wrapped by hand. After we headed to Stratta for the infamus Bicerin drink. A quick stop at Baratti & Milano (we returned here a number of times throughout our trip). Our final stop was in the beautiful Piazza Carigano at Gelateria Pepino. I reccomend all of these places and the tour was a lot of fun. These are all high end luxurious stops.


Hat Store

Viarani Capelleria

Opened in 1888, this tiny shop is run by mother and daughter. All hats are made in Italy. Check the hours before going, they close in the middle of the day from 12:30 to 3:30.
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 27, 10125 Torino TO

Between Piazza Vittorio Veneto and our hotel

Via Del Rocca

All of the shops on this stretch are cute. I bought some cute pants at 843 Boutique, Mola ( mom got a cute skirt and top), and the perfumery is so fun. I went 3 times before choosing my new sent.


NH Collection Piazza Carolina

I really can't say enough wonderful things about this hotel. I would come to Torino, just to stay here. It has the perfect blend of old world charm with clean contemporary amenities. I was in room 329 which overlooks the hotel piazza that is filled with lemon trees. It is a small room, with a full bed, the perfect spot for a single traveller. When the weather is nice the restaurant is in the courtyard. The breakfast is beautiful, it is in the same restaurant you can sit outside or in the glassed in area that surrounds the center piazza. The staff is beyond helpful. You email them with requests and they respond immediately.  The location is in a very lively and fun square right in the city center.
15 Piazza Carlo Emanuele II, 10123 Torino Italia

Bosq Aspen

Client: Bosq Aspen Restaurant
Launch Date: December 2022
Platform: SquareSpace

It is an honor to have the Michelin Star restaurant Bosq clients of mine.

We created a custom SquareSpace site that is as beautiful as it is functional. It was important for the site to integrate with their reservation system and be easily editable by their crew.

Check out the new site and if you are in Aspen check out Bosq!

French Riviera – September 2022


Plage de Gigaro

A smaller, more laid back Pampellon. The Lilly of the Valley beach club and restauratns are located there. Pepe has a  more casual Italian menu and Brigatine is also Italian with a more extensive menu and bit more formal. The water is super clear with a sandy bottom. This is one of my favorites.
Plage de GigaroMap


The big beach for Saint Tropez.



Epi Beach Pizzarea

Epi Beach Club is super exclusive private club. They have a causal pizzaria that is open to the public and so delicious. There are a few tables there or you can take the pizza down to the beach. The best pizza I have had this trip. The chef is Italian.

Bon Hoi - St Tropez

We had a fancier dinner here, located on an off the beaten bath side street and piazza. I highly recommend the pad thai. You must make a reservation.

Le Tigre

Go here for a drink before heading to dinner. The hotel sits above the town so has an amazing view of the old town and the bay of St Tropez.

Cabane Bambou - Pampallone Beach

One of my favorite lunches so far. I had a shrimp and mango salad that I am still thinking of. Super chill vibe.

Hilltop Media Group

Client: Hilltop Media Group
Launch Date: April 2022
Platform: WordPress

Hilltop Media Group requires a website presence to showcase their growing publishing company. Currently they have publications in Corpus Christi, Oklahoma City and are looking to expand to additional markets. The website is built in WordPress and is designed to grow as the company grows.

Caribou Club Catering

Client: Caribou Club Management
Launch Date: November 2017
Details: WordPress Site
Classy, elegant and sophisticated was the goal for this redesign. Caribou required a site that could be used as a tool for both in club events and for their catering program.