Aly Fick Prints

Client: Aly Fick Prints
Launch Date: April 2024
Platform: Shopify

The website launch involved the creation of a custom-designed Shopify platform seamlessly integrated with Simply Framed for printing, framing, and shipping prints to clients.

Bosq Aspen

Client: Bosq Aspen Restaurant
Launch Date: December 2022
Platform: SquareSpace

It is an honor to have the Michelin Star restaurant Bosq clients of mine.

We created a custom SquareSpace site that is as beautiful as it is functional. It was important for the site to integrate with their reservation system and be easily editable by their crew.

Check out the new site and if you are in Aspen check out Bosq!

Hilltop Media Group

Client: Hilltop Media Group
Launch Date: April 2022
Platform: WordPress

Hilltop Media Group requires a website presence to showcase their growing publishing company. Currently they have publications in Corpus Christi, Oklahoma City and are looking to expand to additional markets. The website is built in WordPress and is designed to grow as the company grows.

Caribou Club Catering

Client: Caribou Club Management
Launch Date: November 2017
Details: WordPress Site
Classy, elegant and sophisticated was the goal for this redesign. Caribou required a site that could be used as a tool for both in club events and for their catering program.

Berko Photo

Client: Berko Photo
Launch Date: November 2021
Platform: WordPress + WooCommerce

The BERKO Photo website has entered the 21st century. The static html site (circa 2010) has been transformed into a sleek WordPress site. Ferenc Berko was a pioneer of modernist phototgraphy. The site features a customized wishlist that allows the customer to communicate with the gallery before purchasing.

Bernardo 1946

Client: Bernardo 1946
Launch Date: January 2022
Platform: Shopify

I implemented a completly refreshed design, that reflects the luxury and style that has defined the brand for 75 years. The goal was to give them a site that truely works for them. It is one of the most customized SHopify sites I have done yet I made sure it is flexible and easy for the client to updated with their amazing new products.

All shoes are handcrafted in Brazil at family-run factories, whose artisianal tradition and skills have been passed doen through generations. If your looking for some new shoes, check out the site!